2019-2020 Academic Year Entering Student Survey

TO THE STUDENTS:  Your opinions and attitudes about your osteopathic medical education, your plans for medical practice, and information about your debt are very important as the colleges and the osteopathic profession develop and plan for the future of osteopathic medical education.  Please take some time to complete the following questionnaire to help in planning the future of osteopathic medical education.  The information you provide in this survey will be reported only in aggregate or summary form; individually identifiable information will not be made available to the colleges or other organizations.  The reason we ask for your identification is to allow for longitudinal studies linking your responses as first-year students to your responses when this survey is readministered again in your fourth year.

Please use the survey's navigation buttons (e.g., BACK, NEXT) to move throughout the survey.  Do not use your web browser's forward and back buttons to move through the survey.  Please do not complete this survey more than once.

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